Air Quality Services

HVAC expert doing air quality inspection

Whether you are living in an apartment, house or spend countless hours at your office, air quality is incredibly important to your way of living and health. Air quality isn’t something that people think about all that often, but even without knowing it, people are constantly feeling the effects of it. If pollutants are pumping through the air system, it can cause allergies to kick up and make your breathing labored. If mold is present in the air you breathe, it could actually make you sick and land you in the hospital.

Air Quality Testing

One of the air quality services that we can do for you is testing of your air quality. In this process, we set up different tests to look for all manner of things, from allergens to pollutants to mold and mildew. These tests give us a very good idea of where your air quality stands. If we determine that the air you are breathing in is at a critical or dangerous level, there are steps we can take to clean your air up. We want to keep you as safe as we possibly can.


Humidifiers help to balance the amount of moisture in the air. If there is too much moisture present, it can lead to the breeding of things like spores and mold and fungi. This can pose real health risks to your breathing system. On the other hand, air that is too dry can also lead to health issues, such as dry and cracking skin, sinus problems and dehydration. Unbalances air moisture can also damage things like hardwood floors and furniture. In order to make sure that you and your home or office are safe, let us install humidifiers for you.

Air Filters

Inside your air and heating unit, there is a thing called an air filter. This filter helps to trap dust and mold spores, allowing cleaner air to pass through and out, in to your space. You may not even realize that you have an air filter or that, at some point, it needs to be cleaned and changed. If an air filter becomes too dirty, it will not function as it should. Instead of blocking our air pollutants, it will push them through, in to your space where you will breathe them in. Let us come and either clean, or change, your air filter for you.

Vent Cleaning

Similar to the air filter, vents are something that should be cleaned regularly. But, also like an air filter, you may not even realize that you need to be cleaning these spaces. Vents help to direct air out to different parts of your apartment, but in the process they will also collect dust and dirt that is traveling through your vents. If these vents are cleaned regularly, they will pass along good quality air, however, if they are dirty, they will pass air that is not breathable. Let us come and clean your vents for you!