Commercial HVAC

HVAC expert doing commercial HVAC repair

Commercial HVAC systems are similar to residential systems, with a few major exceptions. While these HVAC systems work in relatively the same manner, commercial HVAC is much large and requires quite a bit more power to run than other HVAC systems. Also, because these HVAC systems are pushing air and heat through large spaces, they need proper spaces to drain and vent to. This makes proper positioning of these HVAC units more of a priority than it is in residential HVAC system placement. If you need a commercial HVAC system, let us install it for you.

Size and Operating Power

A commercial HVAC system is bigger than a residential HVAC system. This is because commercial HVAC system have to cool or heat much bigger spaces. The rule is that, the bigger the space being heated or cooled, the bigger the HVAC system needs to be. Also, with an increase in HVAC size, comes a need for more power. Because these HVAC systems are customized to fit the needs of whatever space they are heating or cooling, if you have a large space, you will need a very powerful system to run it.


While a residential HVAC system is only managing a few rooms at a time, and usually only heating or cooling from one, central temperature input, it doesn’t need to be a very complex system. The opposite is true for commercial HVAC systems. In a commercial setting, an HVAC system will usually be incredibly complicated. Because one HVAC system is being used to heat or cool a large space, with often several different temperature inputs, the internals of these HVAC systems need to be able to handle that. This means that a commercial HVAC is far more advanced than a residential HVAC system is.


In residential HVAC systems, drainage is relatively simple; consisting of one drainage pan, which collects the old condensation to evaporate. However, in commercial HVAC systems, the drainage is severe, which means that there is a need for several different pans, connected with pipes, that help to move old water out of the system. In a similar breath, the exhaust system for a commercial HVAC system is a serious piece of machinery. Because there will be large amount of heat venting out of your HVAC, the exhaust system needs to be able to clear this out and away from itself and your building.


In residential locations, an HVAC system is usually located on the ground, in the backyard or on the side of the house, where it is out of sight, but still accessible when need be. With a commercial HVAC system, the unit is usually located on the roof of the business. This location is chosen for several reasons. The size of a commercial HVAC unit takes up too much usable space if on the side of a business. These units are also loud so, having it on the roof, eliminates some of the noise.