Duct & Vent Services

HVAC expert looking at duct and vent system

Two major parts of your air and heating systems that work in tandem are the ducts and vents. Ducts are the metal structures that help to carry your air from on HVAC unit to whichever room you are trying to get air in to. A vent is the piece that helps to direct air out, in to your space and also protects the duct system from things getting in to it. When these two systems become dirty or damaged, it can lead to air and heat not being able to make it from your HVAC to your home.

Duct Sealing

Ducts are made from different pieces of fitted metal that are joined together. While the joints of these pieces of metal are always sealed upon installation, over time it is definitely possible that the seams will start to be unsealed. When this happens, it can lead to air and heat leaking out of the ducts and down, in to your walls, where it doesn’t belong. This can lead to further problems developing like mold growth and fires. We can help top seal your ducts back up!

Duct Patching

While ducts are made of sturdy metal material, they are not completely impervious to damage. Over time, continued usage can cause metal to begin to fail or, if you are experiencing natural disasters, like earthquakes, this can cause pieces of your duct work to break. When this happens, it can lead to complete failure of your air and heating system. For this reason, if your duct work is damaged, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. We can come in and help to patch your duct work back together. We will use sturdy metal and sealant to make sure that your duct is functioning like new.

Duct Cleaning

Another thing that can cause issues for your air and heat systems is having duct work that is dirty. Over time and usage, it is only natural that dust and dirt and mold spores will start to build up in your duct system. This needs to be rectified with cleaning, otherwise, dust and dirt and mold can blow out, in to your apartment where you will breathe it in. This can lead to sinus trouble, labored breathing and sickness. Luckily, we can come and clean your ducts for you. Give us a call and we are there!

Vent Cleaning/Repairing

Because vents are connected to your ducts, it makes sense that, over time, your vents will experience similar troubles as your ducts do. Because dust and dirt and mold will collect inside your ducts, it will, eventually, be passed out towards your vent. While your vent is meant to protect against these sort of things going out or in, if the vent becomes so dirty that it can’t protect, you are in trouble. When this is happening, a good vent cleaning is needed. We can come and either clean your vents completely, or replace them for you if need be.