Furnace Services

HVAC expert doing furnace services

If you have a furnace in your home or business, there are things that you need to do in order to keep them functioning and working as they should. We offer a number of services for your existing furnace, such as cleaning and regular maintenance. We also offer the installation of new furnace systems, if you are in need of one. To go along with this, we also offer pilot lighting and extinguishing services for when those times of the year roll around. Whatever your furnace needs are, we can take care of them for you.


If you notice that you are having issues with your furnace, it could be the result of something as simple as doing a furnace cleaning. Because your furnace has open venting in it, it is very likely that dirt and dust will collect in the venting and enter in to your system. This can be inconvenient but, more than that, it can also be extremely dangerous. Dirt and dust can have lint or other foreign agents inside it, which are flammable and, as they are exposed to the heat form your furnace, can combust, causing fires.


If your furnace is having issues running, it could be that there is a problem in one, or several, pieces of it. Usually this is the result of the electrical system not making contact with the electric in your house. This type of issue can be rectified with wire replacement. But, there could be other issues going on. The blower may not be functioning, but we can fix that for you too! No matter what problems your furnace is experiencing, we assure you that we can come out, assess your furnace and make any appropriate repairs to the system.


If you have an incredibly old furnace, that just won’t seem to work, or you have no furnace at all, and want one installed, let us know and we can fix that for you. We can remove an old furnace safely, disconnecting electrical properly. We can then use the same space to install a newer furnace, that will probably be more reliable and a lot safer. If you are needing a new furnace installed, and don’t have one currently, we can map out where you’d like for it to go and figure out if it’s a doable space. If so, we can pull electrical from your building and get you fixed right up.

Pilot Light Lighting/Extinguishing

If you have a home furnace, there will probably be certain times of year where you definitely want your furnace hooked up and other times where you definitely do not want it hooked up. If you are finding yourself in hot summer months, where a furnace isn’t necessary, it’s a very good choice to have your furnace pilot light extinguished. This will help to keep you safe. If you are heading in to the colder fall and winter months, we can come in and light your pilot light for you.